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      • Welcome to the Reservoir High School PTSA

President's Message

Hello and welcome 2016-2017 Reservoir High School parents, guardians, students, and community members. This year we have brought back many worthwhile programs: Gator Recognition, Staff Appreciation, After Prom, PTSA Scholarship, SAT/ACT test preparation, and Driver’s Education. We continue our fundraising efforts through PTSA Membership, Direct Donations, and silent fundraisers such as Got’ta Eat, Target, Harris Teeter, Amazon Smile, Banner’s and Bricks, and Yard Sale.

We are trying something new with After Prom; we are asking students to plan the event. PTSA will sign the contracts and coordinate the prizes, but we are asking a committee of students to pick the venue, the entertainment, and the food working within the budget approved by PTSA. Any junior or senior is welcome to be part of this committee, please contact SGA if you would like to volunteer and keep in mind being part of this committee provides an opportunity to add to your personal resume!

Community outreach is a big part of PTSA’s mission and we are doubling our efforts in this area. There is a new PTSA website being built, we are reaching out to those in need through coordination with school staff, and we are putting together a series of talks aimed at both students and parents/guardians. We are planning lectures on Conflict Resolution, Bullying and harassment and your rights as a student and parent, as well as other informational sessions. Please check the PTSA website and Reservoir Topics Today emails for upcoming event announcements sponsored by PTSA.

As you know, we cannot provide these programs without the generous support of the community. We need financial help and volunteers. Look through the pages of this newsletter for opportunities to do both. PTSA meets the 2nd Thursday of every month at 7pm in the staff lounge next to the school cafeteria. My promise to you is that you will learn something new if you attend a PTSA meeting and you won’t be coerced into volunteering for an activity, but we won’t turn you down if you say, “I can help with that!” Our mission is to advocate for every student, I am asking for your help to succeed in that mission.

Christine Bulbul
2016-2017 Reservoir High School PTSA President


Today is #GivingTuesday, the 1-day social movement focused on charitable giving! Everyone can participate and provide a donation! The PTSA supports the Gator Recognition, Staff Appreciation, After Prom and PTSA Scholarship. We need your help.
Donate today and help make a difference at Reservoir! Click the donate button below to make your 100% tax deductible donation. Thank you in advance!



President: Christine Bulbul, cbulbul@verizon.net
1st Vice President: Nicola Kennedy, nkennpeo@gmail.com
2nd Vice President: Tomica Phillips, tdnewman1002@yahoo.com
Treasurer: Dawn White, dawnwhitedc@gmail.comRecording Secretary: Sondra Ailinger, ksbh_ailinger@verizon.netCorresponding Secretary: Kim Griffith, kimfg2@gmail.comPTACHC Delegate: Towanda Brown, ttbrown@verizon.netPTACHC Delegate: Cheri Horne, cheri@hornehouse.com

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Meeting Information
Meetings are usually held on the 2nd Thursday of the month at 7 PM in the Staff Lounge. Check the "Important Dates" link on the left for exact dates. Parents, students and staff members are welcome to attend.

You can pay online for memberships and direct donations.
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